Mar 29 2013

Can I Get a Bad Credit Loan?

There are times in everybody’s lives when the money available just isn’t enough to pay for those extra things that crop up in life. Whether it’s to pay for an unexpected car repair bill, a washing machine that urgently needs replacing, or you just need a special treat like a holiday, sometimes a loan is just what’s needed. You may ask, ‘can I get a loan if my credit rating is poor?’ The answer is yes, there is a way to finance those extra purchases no matter what your credit rating is. Whether you have a good credit history or bad credit history, there is a huge variety of ways to borrow money on the market to suit everyone and their different circumstances. Even if you have been refused or turned down before. Most of these companies have the option to apply online or over the phone, and you can get an answer in minutes.Loan

First of all, consider what you want the money for. This can make a difference to the type of service you apply for. Do you need some help making it to pay day? There are options to get hold of cash quite quickly to help you buy what you need or pay the bills that are due before the next pay cheque arrives. These are short term loans and are usually for smaller amounts of money. If it’s for car or house repairs, the sum of money needed is larger and it can be paid back over months or years. There are plenty of companies willing to lend money to people with a low credit score, just take a bit of time to compare the terms of the finance and make the decision that suits you best. And if you make the repayments promptly and meet all the terms, you will improve your credit rating and so make it much easier next time you need a little financial help.

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Mar 28 2013

PPI Calculator Review Your PPI Missold Refund

Payment Protection Insurance, or simply PPI, is often paid during the process of getting and paying back a loan. This insurance is useful when trying to cover your allowance in unexpected situations, such as losing a job or sudden illness which restricts working possibilities. This, however, on many occasions has been mis-sold to customers. Meaning, their circumstances did not require such an insurance. In such cases many file PPI claims with the help of a PPI claims calculator or a specialist.PPI Calculator

If you would like to find out whether your PPI was mis-sold to you, you can choose to contact a specialist. There are numerous companies specialising in the area of payment protection insurance. A careful assessment of your circumstances follows in these situations. It is usually investigated whether you were informed of what PPI was and that it is not a condition for you to get a loan.

After the assessment of your situation, you may proceed to claim compensation. Some businesses offer claim management. They would manage the PPI claims on your behalf. Nevertheless, you must be aware that these businesses will charge you with a large percentage of the claimed amount.

Another option is to take matters into your own hands and use a PPI claim calculator. They are easily accessible online, and they are also very easy to use. You just need to type in some of the information about the loan in question and you would get a rough estimate of how much would you be able to claim back. However, be careful when using such an electronic software, as it is possible that it will give you incorrect information.

All in all, a PPI calculator can tell you whether or not you should file a claim. This can be particularly useful if you decide to act without a specialist’s help and contact your bank on your own.

Feb 18 2013

Tips For Promoting Savings In UK Households

Cost cutting and frugal ways seem to be the need of the hour when the economy is down. Money management is always a difficult and challenging task, irrespective of whether it is done for a multi-national company or for a nuclear household. While it is a very common fact that everybody would like to save money, it is quite unfortunate that not everybody is capable of doing the same because they are unaware of the right ways of doing so. Household saving is not a difficult task, it calls for discipline and knowledge about the right things to do. Saving

If you want to have maximum household saving then the best thing to do would be to make your house more energy efficient. For people living in colder countries, it would be advisable to ensure that their home’s insulation is fine so that they won’t have to spend loads of money on energy bills. One can also look for greener machines, appliances and devices that are capable of using minimum energy and providing maximum performance. While these may be costlier than conventional products but they are worth it in the long run because they save a lot of energy.

Another tip for household saving would be to purchase cheaper products or engage in comparison shopping to find out the lowest prices. Purchasing in bulk will also help to bring the cost of the products down. Remember, price is not always the best indicator of quality, therefore cheaper products do not necessarily mean that they are bad, they can be of impressive quality too!

When you are looking to save a lot of money in your household, it is imperative that you educate the family about this as well as this endeavor can be successful only when it is a joint effort. Inform and induce your family members to develop energy-saving habits like switching off the lights or devices when not in use, not letting the tap run when brushing teeth and so on.

Jan 10 2013

Refinancing – Saving Money at Review Time

Money Saving in Finances in Business today is not a niche – it’s a mainstream must in this pared down market. The due date for repayment or renewal is a key point at which savings can me made.

Look at loans regularly – when refinancing have a plan. Your bank should contact you at least 12 months in advance of the review or repayment date, and should offer the opportunity to discuss how money saving in finance can positively impact your overall business figures. Don’t let that catch you unawares however – you need to keep a close eye on the refinancing future at all times.Saving

Look out for helpful articles on writing or updating your business plan. This should be an ongoing process, but it can be easy to be distracted by sales projections or paring down in procurement, and leave less room for the importance of money saving in your finances. Banks should offer advice and resources to help with the business plan, but make use of a wide range of resources and make sure you tweak that plan to present its best face in financials.

Repayment ability is the key factor when it comes to obtaining refinancing and competitive rates. Make sure your predictions look good – but take a close look at your past record too. Be sure to check your credit rating with one or more agencies and contest and correct any wrong information. Stay positive but stay realistic, don’t project figures which are clearly not reachable.

Don’t forget cash flow forecasts – once again, the major UK banks should be coming forward in plenty of time with helpful information in respect of this process, but be sure to do some independent work before the review comes up.

By all means take a look at business comparison sites, but remember that long term, money saving in finance within your business will be easier if you have built a constructive relationship with your bank.